Saturday, February 14, 2026


Non-Fiction: Personal Liberty

Rebirth of a Theocracy

An anarcho-capitalist novel
[2nd draft]

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Rebirth of a Theocracy: Prologue - PDF ePub MOBI
Rebirth of a Theocracy: Chapter I - PDF - ePub - MOBI
Rebirth of a Theocracy: Chapter II - PDF ePub MOBI
Rebirth of a Theocracy: Chapter IIIPDF ePub MOBI
Rebirth of a Theocracy - Chapter IVPDF ePub MOBI
[First draft of] Theocracy: Chapter V
[First draft of] Theocracy: Chapter VI
Rebirth of a Theocracy: Chapter VII - PDF ePub MOBI
Rebirth of a Theocracy: Chapter VIIIPDF ePub MOBI
Rebirth of a Theocracy: Chapter IX PDF ePub MOBI


Transcend: Page 1
Transcend: Page 2-

For the best experience listen to these pieces of magnificence in the background:
Adventures of a Letdown by The Ambiguity
Aurora by Hans Zimmer
800% slowed version of An End Once and for All by Clint Mansell & Sam Hulick 

Short Stories

Rebel Spirits of the Past - A Christmas Special
The Progress of Justice


Defining virtue in the context of UPB

Hungarian works at

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