Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Freedom and the Leviathan

<one day, it might become a novel but for now, it is but the antecedent of theocracy>

The terrible, bloodthirsty god of the Earth, the Leviathan hungered.

It had no physical manifestation, no earthly master who commanded it. It hid in the social interactions of every man whose means of dealing with others was not reason, but violence. Nobody knew the origins of this haunting spirit, yet it was there in the first human tribe, when the leader dared his brethren with his gaze and all looked away. The Leviathan corrupted the soul of the farmer who, after eating his crops in the harsh winter, watched as his neighbor sown his seeds into the fertile land.

The ancient god whispered "Fear vanishes from the hearth of the greatest tyrant." into the ears of the little child who later became the Prime of the Earth in the late twenty-first century. But the Leviathan also spoke to his parents to punish the child with brutal measures. "Only then will he become the greatness I want him to be" - he whispered and they obeyed.

The Leviathan was there, an unknown demon of the psyche. Mankind had been ignoring it for far too long. It spoke out of the worker when he condemned the rich, the businessman, the mover of the world. It inspired art, religion and philosophy. 

In a belief that they are laying siege on this old god of violence, in the day of January first, 2101 mankind assaulted the seat of power ruling over Earth. The fury of the masses has been awakened to dethrone the Prime and destroy its vile cluch on humanity. In one concentrated attack the rage of the youth tore down the police forces of the great metropolies around the globe. 

Driven by the principles of voluntaryism, of anarchy, men and women of wealth and success sided with the revolution and within one night, the last state of Earth has been overthrown.

Or so they thought.

The evil of the Leviathan is not so easily purged from the planet, for it resides within the tormented heart of billions. Only those were absent from this curse of rage who had been raised in peace, not in obedience, whose principle of action was reason, not the whim of their rulers, whose path of learning was self-reflection, not punishment, and those who had seen the wrongfulness of this path of their ancestors and learned, through self-exploration and the healing of their mind, the language of peace.

The Shaman contacted them all and warned them for the apocalypse. Since then they have been waiting in silence - and built their starships. 

At that night of the siege, mankind took its first breath from the tyranny of the state. The world has stopped to observe that moment. United they stood above the conquered beast.

Within a day the first minarchy was born. Within a week countless others as self-defense. Within a month the first empire rose through endless bloodshed from the west, and one month later, Earth was scorched down in a nuclear war of power.

The first colonists of Mars, those whose aim was to flee the world of power vacuum to a new land, with a vision of peace in their mind had already reached the planet. From the construction around them, they observed in shock the last war in Terra, and in grieving victory they cheered the fall of the Leviathan.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


The chapters that has been written were copyedited by this fella who did a wonderful work on it, but I haven't been able to continue writing. The novel felt hollow, weightless and I thought I cannot articulate its anarcho-capitalist theme perfectly.

The matter of fact is that the story must change, and I am starting to rewrite it again from prologue, trimming it and perfecting it into something that I will value more. Hence the name must change from Theocracy to "Rebirth of a Theocracy" with the main theme of how the state could reborn in an anarchist society. And to all fellow fighters of freedom I must say: I do not choose this theme in order to dispute anarchy, but to explore the main pillars of an anarchist society, and to argue for its sustainability by exploring this theoretical world's most vulnerable spot. In the novel we might arrive from an anarcho-capitalist world to a statist one, but my goal with this plot is to point out why a state exists today, what causes it and how to elliminate it. I believe that it wouldn't happen in real life, just as we will never return to slavery, yet this plot feels thrilling enough to work with.

Until I rewrite and publish prologue, here is the first draft in pdf format:

and in mobi format: