Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just a lil' something that I wanted to share

I always wanted to write a detective noir, and when I'll finish Theocracy, that will be my next project. Until then, here is my last night first page doodle, and some nice music to the background.


Chapter I

      I found the kid in a stormy night within Azier’s basement. The scene was messy, like in a nightmare. The man was nowhere, he probably knew that I was going and left, leaving his legacy behind. And the kid was laying there, strapped into that old medical bed facing the ground, blood all around him, two rails of steel planted into his back, wings of lightning reaching out.
      It really was like in a nightmare.
      I took him down and gave him my coat. The wings on him scorched out the matter. He was wide awake, I asked him if something caused him pain and he shook his head. Tough kid. But he didn’t know where his father was, he woke up strapped into that bed.
      “Where are the others?” he asked when we stepped out of the building.
      “What others?”
      “Have you come alone?”
      “Well,” I said and lit up a cigarette, “who else would care with a child nowadays?”
      He didn’t answer.
      “What’s your name, kid?”
      He looked up and for a second I thought I saw his lips moving silently before he answered.
      “All right. My name is detective Clark Novaris. I don’t know what will happen with you, but tonight you’ll have to stay with me, okay?”
      “Where Is Azier?”
      I found it strange that he called his father in his real name. But then again, I cannot even imagine what he has done with this poor boy. I kneeled down and looked into his eyes, eyes bright as the color of a lightning.
      “Look, kid. That man did terrible things with you, and I’m sorry. I am working on catching him so that he won’t hurt you or anyone else ever. I can promise you that.”
      He looked at me puzzled.
      “He didn’t hurt me, or at least not intentionally. So for example when he tried to create me he put the Shaman into each new body that pushed him out, and he didn’t know that the Shaman will save those memories and I’ll remember a thousand deaths. But he didn’t want me to be born that way.”
      The world around me began to swirl. I wanted to throw up, but I tried to remain calm, not to frighten him. Or rather it.
      “Who is the Shaman?”
      “The Shaman is an artificial intelligence who lives in my brain” he smiled.
      I sat down. I let the droplets of rain run down my face. I heard distant thunders, and wanted to wake up. But I never did wake up for it was not nightmare, but a reality far worse than my dreams.  And this kid just stared at me with those bright eyes, seeking information to devour with them, while all I was able to saw was a freak of technology.

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