Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Argument: 'Anarchy Gives Meaning to Your Life'

This is a concept that has been haunting me for months, begging me to write down.

There is that phase of talking about anarchy with people around you, with people who dare to use their mind, when they grasp you ask too much from them, when they see that you are right, that the State is indeed immoral, and that it was hidden from them all throughout. It is that moment when you might as well openly state that you are asking them to confront their brother who is serving in the army, or their mother who is a tax collector, or their grandfather whose greatest glory in life was the participation in a political movement. You might as well openly ask them to sacrifice their social life for an abstract political movement.

There is an other side of that coin, which goes like this. Note: works the best on young people.

"Forget about those people who you thinking about right now. There may be a time when you confront them in a debate, but it is something you don't have to do. Instead, I have something to offer to you. Now, tell me, how is your life going nowadays? Do you feel you offer no value to mankind? Do you feel as if life, as you live, has no meaning and time slips out of your hands? Do you dread the fact that you will die, and you will leave nothing but your gaming accounts behind?

Consider this. If you continue your life as you do today, you will leave not a single trace behind, no echo will carry your deeds. But if you accept what I have to offer, if you accept anarchy, you join a movement that will shake the Earth. Your name will be among those who made the first steps towards a new world. You will be among those who built the foundation for the New Mankind.

And if you accept the hand that I offer, your life will be filled with meaning. Your life will gain a goal for the first time, a goal that won't consume, but create life, that fills your existence with substance, that lets you become the agent not of inertia and death, but of freedom, hope and life.

And you will find yourself energized each morning, seeking new ways to help the growth of freedom, with the knowledge that the effects of your deeds ripple through the space-time, creating light, creating a world of peaceful coexistence, you create non-violence, and all that you value."

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