Sunday, November 29, 2015

An Introduction to Transcend

What is Transcend? It started as a noir novel I wanted to write long ago, sipping coffee and listening to the full album of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore's Sunset Mission but it has to be something different.

Transcend must become the tale of an european city in a historical moment that semms to be the Dawn of a Dark Age that stands alone and undefended by its State. All other countries, including the United State, whose policy of open borders towards all who's fleeing a war, fused with the seemingly infinite handouts of their welfare State attracted countless souls as of late, fell pray to the darkness of the Islamic State that seeks to set ablaze the modern world.

So, it is about what will happen in the upcoming years ;)

Now, there is a reason why it is called Transcendence. Because while the prophecy based on historical trends says that War is the Health of the State, and even if the modern world survives, this cataclysm will bring about such an expansion of state power that we will face a thousand year of tyranny, and while that would make just as much of a great novel, I'll leave that to someone else.


Because, if you'll excuse my rather poetic or mystic language, there is a rift opening in the fabric of history. Show me one city, or a network of cities and towns that survives this drought of hope and light by the power of the free market, and sustains life through voluntary exchange of values, show me that when the police and the State protects itself, the criminal class, producers and traders rely on one another to fight the creeping shades and the approaching nightmares, and I will show you the moment liberty was born.

So Transcend is, while in form will retain its first person narrative, and the not-too-wonderfully crafted sentences due to the vocabulary and verbal nature of our hero (which makes me cry), in its substance it will be very similar to the Rebirth of a Theocracy: the emphasis will be on the world, and not the characters within, and the question we are trying to answer is, that how would a Natural Order, as Hoppe called it would deal, and prevail over the coming Siege.

I do not want to drift my mind too much away from the Rebirth of a Theocracy because there is still much to tell, and I really enjoy working on it, but I will also begin writing and uploading Transcend slowly but surely. I will also start making podcasts in my native language, and continue translating books, and making them into audiobooks while attending university, so my time is not the most abundant resource that I have, but I will try to allocate it to the best of my abilities.

(Oh, and meanwhile, you, dear reader of mine, might want to consider allocating your prescious fiat money into my paypal account, into which a button guides you in the homepage of this website. All of them will go to advertising these novels.)

Take care, friends.

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