Monday, February 1, 2016

The Progress of Justice

The Progress of Justice

- A Tale of a Strange Aeon -

    Minutes after the noon of May 15th in the year of 2026, central time, a policeman witnessed a murder committed with cold blood in the Metro Station of a small colony near the City of the Prime. The criminal, name: Alice Devinem age: 22, walks free of charge after the witness officer testified that the loss of life, in fact, was self-defense. 
    The victim, name: Otto A. Nikolajs, age: 37 has been travelling for days from Spain to seek out personally the Prime and ask him to influence the government of the United Mankind to repeal the recent Protection of Communities Act. The act required that, in order to ensure the safety and quality of the products, protect the residents of small communities and create jobs, every store located in villages and towns where the competition of the service is less than three other, suppliers must employ inspectors whose job is to ensure that the products meets the specific requirements of quantity, quality and price and may only fill their inventory from government affiliated suppliers.
    Not being able to afford to hire an inspector full-time and find demand for the increased price they have to charge both for the employee and the governmental supply, many businesses owned by local families around the globe had to close their shops. Residents were forced to travel hours to buy the basic necessities of life, they tried to charge more for the labor and products, rendering themselves out of the competition in the market. Urban companies seen the rise of their customer base and were pleased by the work of their lobbyists and the State.
    Otto A. Nikolajs, former store-owner in a formerly Spanish village was looking for a hearing from the Prime to end the disaster before it starts to claim lives the morning he was murdered. According to the testimony of the policeman, the following event took place in the Metro Station:
    Alice Devinem, in a tone loud enough to address a crowd, exclaimed her achievements in political activism. "We protested for days to help the Protection of Communities Act," she bragged. "I was so overjoyed when I've heard we won and they passed a law. I instantly told all of my friends that it would have not passed without me, after all, I organized mass-protests."
    According to the officer and several other witnesses, Otto A. Nikolajs overheard the conversation and in anger addressed the girl.
    "I had to close my shop because of that act and can no longer afford to put food on the table for my wife and my ailing child. Do you understand it? I have to watch as my son won't get his medication because of you, kid."
    "Well maybe you should just comply with the law and shouldn't try to sell who knows what kind of food?" the girl replied, bewildered.
    "My community trusted me for fifteen years," the man shouted. "Fifteen years, do you understand? I knew all of them by name! And now thousands of people have lost their jobs because of you."
    "Stop it," the girl raised her voice, "I don't want to hear you! The Metro Station is a public safe space, I don't have to listen to you anymore!"
    "Thousands of hard-working people are losing their livelihood and hundreds of thousands of others have to spend fortunes travelling. You are evil because of that!"
    "Stop it!" she yelled.
    "I want everyone to know that! Your actions will cost innocent lives!"
    "Stop! You are violating my rights!" she screamed as her voice faded into the noise of the approaching train and charged towards the man, pushing him onto the tracks. The man died instantly under the wheels.
    There is very little to say about the story. Lawful assaults and murders are common to end what are called 'emotional crimes.' Can we stop it? No. This virus has spread too far and embedded itself deep into our culture. The only thing we may do is to pray for the dark gods to engulf this planet in fire.

The Shaman

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